IntellIoT starts four Pilot Projects as part of its first open call

MYW.AI, iKnowHow, Vidavo, and Trilogis, four SMEs from Greece and Italy, have been selected to join the IntellIoT consortium via its first open call, which attracted more than 200 SMEs from 35 countries. They applied for grants of €100,000 to €150,000 to co-develop, with the 13 existing IntellIoT consortium partners, a new integrated, distributed, human-centred, and trustworthy IoT framework applicable to agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing.

By launching an open call, the IntellIoT consortium initiated four pilot projects focussed on

  • Solutions for semi-autonomous operations for agricultural vehicle fleets;
  • Collaborative IoT-enabled technology for remote patient monitoring in healthcare;
  • Applications supporting human-machine cooperation in shared manufacturing;
  • An architectural framework to enable IoT environments for semi-autonomous applications

The Four Open Call Winners: IKnowHow, MYWAI, Trilogis, Vidavo

Use Case “Agriculture”: Founded in 2002 in Athens, iKnowHow (IKH) is a Greek SME with around 100 employees. It provides custom-built robotics and automation solutions to the industry and software solutions to the public and private sectors. IKH is organised into three units: digital government, healthcare, and robotics. In the IntellIoT Agriculture Use Case powered by TTTech, iKnowHow will develop a VR-based teleoperation solution for the remote control of autonomous ground vehicles, e.g., IntellIoT’s e-tractor and iKnowHow’s precision agriculture robot. The robots will be teleoperated over the 5G network. iKnowHow will also develop a farmer’s logbook based on IntellIoT’s security assurance platform.

Framework: MYWAI is an Italian startup that has developed proprietary technology combining artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and blockchain on distributed edge networks and cloud computing for professional, industrial, biomedical, and smart city customers and markets. MYWAI technology supports the collection of field data (e.g., sensors, storage systems, other IT systems already in the field), visualisation on GUI, processing and analysis (labelling, creation of descriptive models), and the execution of AI algorithms — in real-time or on historical data — for the recognition of behavioural patterns, prognostics on devices, the search for malfunctions, etc. Depending on the output of the algorithms, it is possible to activate alarms and/or programmed actions (e.g. alerts, device control, test routines). MYWAI will contribute a set of suitable enabling modules and services from its technological baseline into the IntellIoT architecture. This is with the aim of extending its existing features in terms of advanced functionalities for supporting the emerging Equipment-and-Infrastructure-as-a-Service (EIaaS) business model. It will deliver edge intelligence to any equipment by integrating sensors, hardware and software hybrid cloud-edge AI enablers, the adoption of innovative information interoperability models, the DLT-based storage, and management of certified and secured equipment and process-related information.

Use Case “Manufacturing”: Trilogis, founded in 2006, is an ICT company with headquarters in Trento, Italy and a team of 20 experts. Trilogis specialises in the design and development of software and location-based services based on the integration and customisation of technologies like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS), Internet of Things (IoT), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Computer Vision (CS), that allow the identification and location of different assets such as people, instruments, vehicles, and equipment, in both outdoor and indoor facilities. Trilogis has a strong background and developed know-how in indoor/outdoor localisation technologies during the development of numerous research projects at the European level. Such technologies are integrated by Trilogis in software solutions enabling the so-called Cyber-Physical System (CPS) for the smart factory in Industry 4.0. The Trilogis solution, named TRACCIA, aims to localise and track heterogeneous industrial assets (humans, instruments, vehicles, goods) in indoor/outdoor scenarios to optimise the organisation, production, safety, and quality of the industrial processes.

Use Case “Healthcare”: Vidavo is a Greek digital health company established in 2002. Vidavo’s solutions cover a wide range of connected health and self-management tools (mobile apps & web platforms) for supporting chronic disease (medical) and nutrition and weight management (wellness). Its main product, Vida24©, is a connected care suite where citizens can log and keep health records. Healthcare professionals can manage and process patient data, enjoy personalisation tools, effective time management, and create care plans. Vida24© CE0653 Class IIa is certified as a medical device according to EU MDR 2017/745 and is GDPR compliant. During the pilot project, Vidavo will support the Healthcare Use Case led by the IntellIoT partner Philips by providing the technical infrastructure to perform a pilot study focusing on the remote care of cardiovascular disease patients. Vida24© mobile and web applications will allow the continuous monitoring of patients’ vitals and ensure that patients are following their treatment plans by integrating medical devices and IntellIoT machine learning models. Vidavo will also integrate its custom wearables into the IntellIoT framework to measure a set of metrics, including respiration rate, steps, and calories.

Eligible for the support were organisations incorporated in EU 27 and Horizon 2020 associated countries with up to 250 employees and a turnover of less than 50 million Euro. In a second Open Call starting in September 2022, IntellIoT will support more European SME with grants of € 100,000 to € 150,000 to exploit the IntellIoT framework in further sectors.

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Founder, Ecosystem Building @ #IntellIoT, Head of Incubation @Vision Health Pioneers Incubator, #mentor, #storyteller #networker

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Maren Lesche

Maren Lesche

Founder, Ecosystem Building @ #IntellIoT, Head of Incubation @Vision Health Pioneers Incubator, #mentor, #storyteller #networker

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